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A thrilling steam train and 4x4 Jeep adventure in one of the most evocative and spectacular places in Jordan - the Wadi Rum desert. Its rocks shaped by the wind and wealth of colours just keep on surprising us. We let ourselves be charmed by the silence and timeless atmosphere of this ancient scenery as well as by its inhabitants and folklore.

What we will see
  • Wadi Rum desert
  • Sand and rocks sculpted by the wind, wealth of colours
  • Steam train with Arab Revolt re-enactment
  • Stop in a Bedouin tent: folk dances and music and tasting session of eastern teas and sweets
  • Jeep tour among the desert dunes with stops for photos

What we will do
  • This excursion through the Wadi Rum desert takes us on journey back in time to 1916, the start of the famous Arab Revolt against the Ottomans initiated by the Sharif of Mecca Hussein Bin Ali. The war lasted approximately 2 years and took place in Jordan, and more precisely in the Wadi Rum desert, nowadays an evocative lunar landscape, a vast silent stretch of land made up of sand and rocks sculpted by the wind.
  •  The time turned this land into formations of an incomparable beauty with a wealth of colors ranging from yellow and red to brown.
  • It is a large valley that was already inhabited in Prehistoric times, as testified by the stone tools found here dating back to the Palaeolithic and Neolithic periods, i.e. to almost 7000 BC. For millennia, the desert was roamed by hunters and nomads who left interesting traces of their passage. Nowadays it is inhabited by Bedouins living in tents and taking care of their flocks. The desert is also famous for having been the set of various films such as Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Red Planet (2000) and The Martian (2015) directed by Ridley Scott.
  • We leave the port of Aqaba and in one hour we will reach Wadi Rum, where we will board the oldest (over 100 years old) characteristic steam train in the region. It was decorated and furnished to make our 40-minute journey through the desert more pleasant.
  • As we can see, the staff wears the same uniforms worn in Ottoman times. Along the way, we also enjoy a re-enactment of the Arab Revolt featuring Bedouins on their horses and the Ottomans trying to defend the train.
  • After our train tour, our excursion continues in a Bedouin tent where we watch a short folk dance and music show as we sip some local tea and enjoy eastern sweets.
  • We then get on our 4x4 Jeep for the last part of our excursion: we venture into a unique desert landscape between dunes and rocks surrounded by the mysterious silence that characterizes it. We will be charmed by nature's surprising creations.
  • During the numerous breaks, we have the chance to take pictures to capture the magical atmosphere and secrets of this amazing desert.

What you need to know
  • We recommend you to bring along a headscarf in order to cover your nose and mouth to protect them from the sand.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.
  • This excursion is not recommended for guests with limited mobility.?