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The payment of the following amounts may also be required:

(i) € 50 in the case of requests for replacements as foreseen under article 7 of the Holiday package general contractual conditions;
(ii) € 40/50 in the case of withdrawal at least 45/60 days prior to departure, as foreseen under article 6 of the Holiday package general contractual conditions;
(iii)€ 50 in the case of booking modifications requested at least 60 days prior to departure concerning the departure date and itinerary. As required by international law and in order to make sure your cruise goes smoothly, you must always provide your travel agent with all the following information, both for yourself and for those travelling with you, which will allow Costa to confirm your booking and offer additional services to complete your holiday:

• First name and surname

• Place and date of birth, nationality, and gender (M/F)

• The personal mobile phone numbers of all adults in the cabin, only to be able to contact them in case of emergency

• Residence (address, postal code, city, state/province,nation)

• Email address

• Details of the identity document required by the itinerary (number, date and place of issue, expiry date)

• First name, surname and telephone number of a family member or friend who can be contacted by Costa if necessary during the cruise

• CostaClub membership number in order to take advantage of the discounts you are entitled to.




The name of the transport company, the number of the flight/train, the departure times, and the locations will all be communicated at most 3 months prior to departure. If the booking is made less than 3 months prior to departure, this information will be communicated within 3 business days of the date upon which the booking was made.  

The airlines and railway operators who collaborate with Costa Crociere are listed below:

• Mediterranean: Turkish Airlines, Alitalia, Neos and Trenitalia

• Northern Europe: Alitalia, Neos, Sas, KLM, Lufthansa, Swiss, and Europewings

• Far East: Lufthansa, Air France, Singapore Airlines, and Cathay Pacific

• Caribbean: Alitalia, Neos, American Airlines, Iberia, and British Airways

• Dubai and United Arab Emirates: Alitalia, Neos, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, and Qatar Airways

• South America: Alitalia, TAM, Iberia, Air Europa, and British Airways

• Around the world: Iberia, Cathay Pacific, Air France, Lufthansa, and Singapore Airlines.




On the majority of our destinations it is possible to book promo fare flights, departing from many airports, confirmed upon booking confirmation/reservation.

Costa Assistance 24H/7 days is included. Transfers from airport to pier & vv. are always included in the package.

Immediate confirmation is required, no options allowed. Air documents are immediately issued and confirmed. For all flight bookings at promo rate a NOK115 service fee will be charged for each passenger. In case of cancellation a 100% fee will be applied by the air carrier. For the cruise fee, refer to T&C point 6.

CANCELLATION BY THE PASSENGER. Passenger replacement (name change) or other modifications (of itinerary, class, date, etc.) are not allowed. Additional passengers can be added at a later time to a reservation (request subject to availability and the best rate of the day).




Flight schedules can change after the tickets have been issued. You will be informed of any changes before departure. If you are not travelling on direct flights, we recommend that you check immediately on the airport monitors the time and the boarding gate of your next flight whilst in transit, to ensure there have not been any changes to your connecting flight. We advise you to arrive at the airport in good time for all the necessary security procedures at the airport checkpoints.Please take note of current regulations on baggage transport, in particular baggage weight. Airline Companies will accept baggage up to a certain number of kilos at no charge, this is your “baggage allowance”. Beyond this limit, Airline Companies require payment of an extra charge. Bags are weighed during check-in.

If you have booked a scheduled flight in connection with the charter flight, please refer to the more restrictive baggage allowance.

For more information concerning ‘the baggage allowance’ on scheduled flights, we strongly suggest you to consult the internet site of the air company you are travelling with.




Charter Bag Allowance
Hold Luggage Hand Luggage
Economica (Y) Premium (P) Business       ( C ) Infant Economica (Y) Premium (P) Business ( C ) Infant
Neos (NO) 20 KG 30 KG - no bag 5 KG 5 KG - no bag
Alitalia (AZ) 20 KG 20 KG 30 KG 10KG + stroller 8 KG 8 KG 8 KG no bag
Condor (DE) 20 KG 25 KG 30 KG 20KG + stroller 6 KG 8 KG 12 KG no bag
Iberia (IB) 1 PC (23 KG) 2PC (23 KG) 2PC (23 KG) 10KG + stroller 5 KG 5 KG 5 KG no bag
Air Nostrum (YW) 20 KG - - stroller only 5 KG - - no bag
Privilege Style  (PVG)  20 KG - - stroller only 5 KG - - no bag
Europe Air Post (FPO)  20 KG - - stroller only 5 KG - - no bag
Trade Air (C3)  20 KG - - stroller only 5 KG - - no bag




On scheduled flights is possible to check-in on line. For more information, visit the internet site of the air company you are travelling with.




If you already have your flight boarding card, visit the internet site of the air company you are travelling with in order to get information concerned the baggage drop-off at the airport. 




On low-cost flights a bag per each guest is included at the minimun baggage allowance foreseen by the airline company. For some low-cost carriers requiring mandatory on line check-in, Costa Cruises provides the on line check-in procedure and the boarding card issuing to present at the airport.

If you loose your boarding pass your flight embarkation could be denied or a supplement would be asked to pay, at your sole charge, and settled directly at the aiport by the airline desk.For more information, visit the airline websites.

No priority embarkation or pre-assigned seats are included.

Low-cost general conditions are available on the airline web-sites.




Any special requests regarding seating on flights must be made at the time of booking. Costa Cruises cannot guarantee that they will be met and cannot garantee the preassignement of the seats next to each other on board of the aircraft.




Costa Crociere wishes to satisfy the needs of all those who want to experience a cruise but have special needs, mobility problems, visual impairments or other disabilities. The international regulations require the Company to be aware of any needs for personal assistance in the case of emergency” that its Guests may have (wheelchairs, etc.) in order to make the necessary arrangements. This information must be communicated to the Travel Agency or directly to Costa Crociere at the time of booking, and again after boarding. We recommend that Guests with special needs who require special medical assistance and/or equipment travel with a companion and inform the Travel Agent or Costa Crociere directly of the characteristics of the any equipment necessary (e.g. a wheelchair) at the time of booking. We will be happy to host the guest’s companion free of charge for the amount pertaining to the “cruise only” cost; the companion will be required to travel in the same cabin as the Guest with special needs. In order for this charge to be waived, Costa Crociere must be advised of the Guest’s special needs upon receiving the booking confirmation. Costa Crociere must receive the necessary documentation within 3 business days of the booking confirmation. Guests with special needs travelling with companions will be assigned cabins that have been specifically equipped for the disabled. The waiver of the companion’s travel costs will be applied as long as cabins for the disabled are available, and may not be combined with the Family Special promotion. For bookings consisting of three or four adult Guests, the companion’s waiver will be applied to the 3rd or 4th bed, while in the case of the Families Special promotion a surcharge equal to 50% of the adult rate will be applied to the 3rd or 4th bed.

In the case of double cabins occupied by one adult and one minor child paying 50% of the adult fare (the One&Half rate), the waiver will be applied to the child’s portion. We would also like to remind you that disembarking may be problematic in some ports for Guests with motor problems, especially offshore. Our ships have several cabins equipped for disabled guests, which are marked with a letter H on the ship floor plans.

For further information please visit www.costacruise.com




Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult onboard our ships. Infants will not be permitted on-board if they are less than 6 months old at the time of boarding. This minimum age limit increases to 12 months for Transatlantic cruises, Around the World cruises, cruises with a duration equal to or greater than 15 nights, and any other itineraries whose characteristics do not allow for the complete health protection and safety of our young Guests to be fully guaranteed. Children under 3 years of age will not be charged excursion fees if they travel in the arms of an accompanying adult while on-board the means of transport.




As the ships are not equipped to offer assistance for pregnancy and childbirth, bookings cannot be accepted from passengers who are expected to enter their 24th week of pregnancy at any time during the cruise (see art. 2.8 of the “General conditions”).




Documents Travel documents For boarding you will need to have:

• the boarding form obtained after completing online check-in (by logging into www.mycosta.com with your last name and reservation number 72 hours before departure) and to have satisfied all the criteria in the medical self-certification form;

• your cruise ticket (including luggage labels);

• airline and/or train tickets (where included);

• summary of purchased services;

• your travel documents (identity card, passport, etc.) Remember that it is the responsibility of passengers to obtain the necessary travel documents and comply with customs and immigration requirements. Passengers without the correct travel documents will not be allowed to board and their trip will not be refunded.


Given the overall health situation and the recommendations defined by the international health authorities we are further strengthening our precautionary measures in order to guarantee maximum safety for Guests and Crew. For this reason and to ensure that each Guest will be reachable for operational and emergency issues immediately starting from the booking phase, as of Monday 17 August 2020 it will also become mandatory to get "Email" and “Mobile" for Guest owner of every new cabin confirmed.




Please check that you have the identity document required for the cruise and verify its expiry date prior to departure. If any Guest does not have the necessary documentation, they will not be permitted to board and will not be entitled to a refund of the cruise ticket price. A passport valid for all the Nations to be visited by each cruise, or an identity card valid for travel broad, based on the indications provided in the relative travel programs. Please note - The passengers’ identity documents may be collected by the ship’s staff upon boarding and retained for the entire duration of the cruise in order to be presented to the various port authorities. Guests may request to have their documents temporarily returned to them if necessary.

Tourist visas

Guests are responsible for requesting the specific visas required for the Nations to be visited during the selected cruise from the relative Embassies/Consulates prior to leaving your country. Upon booking and prior to the date of departure, the Guests must also check whether any other visas are required and if any changes have been made to the notes published in the itineraries contained on this website. Costa Crociere shall bear no responsibility for any Guest’s failure to obtain the necessary visas prior to departure.

Special requirements for the United States

For trips involving stays or stopovers in the United States, all passengers must hold a machine readable passport. Children must also have their own machine readable passports: simple registration on their parents’ passport will not be accepted. In accordance with the provisions of the “US Department of Homeland Security”, and in compliance with the “Visa Waiver Program”, Costa Crociere advises the following:

1) Visitors who have a machine-readable passport that was issued or renewed prior to 26 October 2005 may enter the United States without a visa.

2) Visitors who have a machine-readable passport that was issued or renewed between 26 October 2005 and 25 October 2006 and has a digital photograph printed directly on the passport may enter the United States without a visa.

3) Machine-readable passports issued or renewed on or after 26 October 2006 must have a digital photograph and an integrated chip containing biometric data. Visitors whose passports do not meet these requirements will be required to obtain a visa to travel to the United States.

Furthermore, as of 12 January 2009, electronic travel authorisation is required for citizens of the countries covered by the Visa Waiver Program, including Italy. At least 72 hours prior to departure, visitors travelling to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program must obtain travel authorisation through the ESTA website (Electronic System for Travel Authorization). The authorization number will be requested upon departure for the United States. All Guests in possession of a valid passport issued prior to the introduction of machine-readable passports or passports that do no meet the above requirements, including minors, must request a non-immigrant entry visa for the United States.

Special requirements for Egypt

For all cruises involving stops in Egypt, for which an identity card is also valid as a travel document, it should be noted that the Egyptian Authorities will not grant entry to passengers holding electronic identity cards with extension certificates (a paper slip extending the document’s validity beyond 5 years), or paper identity cards bearing a renewal stamp.

Special requirements for the Indian Ocean -

For all cruises to and from the Indian Ocean, the guest’s passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the cruise. Stops in Madagascar require a transit visa, for whichCosta Crociere will take care of the necessary formalities and will charge the relative fees to the passengers’ cruise accounts. Be sure to check for any changes at the time of booking.

Special requirements for India

For all cruises with neoClassica to and from India, a multiple entry visa is required. Guests need to be apply to the Embassy before leaving your country.


No vaccinations are required. Malaria prophylaxis is recommended for stopovers in Madagascar only. Special requirements for Asia


Stops in Vietnam and Indonesia

Require a transit visa, for which Costa Crociere will take care of the necessary formalities and will charge the relative fees to the passengers’ cruise accounts. For cruises stopping only in Sanya (China), Guests who participate in Costa sponsored shore excursions are not required to have a separate visa. Guests who wish to travel independently must have a personal visa, which must be requested from the on-board staff 24 hours prior to disembarking and will be charged to the guest’s cruise account. For Cruises with embarkation and disembarkation in China (Shanghai and Tianjin), a double or multiple entry tourist visa is required,

which must be requested from the Chinese Consulate prior to departure. For cruises with stopovers in India, a multiple entry tourist Visa is required (the possibility of using a singleor double entry visa must be verified prior to departure), which must be requested from the Embassy/Consulate before leaving Italy. Any other visa requirements must be checked prior to departure.

Special requirements for Dubai and the United Arab Emirates

For all cruises to and from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, guests must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after the date of departure. Guests will be promptly notified in the event of any changes.

Special requirements for St. Petersburg

For St.Petersburg, guests participating in Costa excursions will be provided with a group visa. For those who wish to go ashore unaccompanied, a personal visa must be requested from the Russian Consulate.

Special requirements for Israel

For cruises stopping in Israel, guests must have a passport valid for at least 6 months after the end of the cruise. Special requirements for Around the World cruises Machinereadable passport valid for at least 6 months after the end of the cruise, following the procedures for entry into the United States. Tourist visas for Australia and India must be obtained prior to departure. Guests are required to verify any other visa requirements and possible changes to these requirements upon booking.




For all cruises that require a passport as a foreign travel document, children under 18 must also have their own passports. As of 26 June 2012, the child’s registration on their parent’s passport is no longer considered valid. For all cruises that require identity cards valid for foreign travel - Children under 18 may travel with their own passports or identity cards. If the child under 14 is not travelling with one of their parents and is accompanied by someone other than their parents who has legal guardianship and/or is indicated on the child’s travel document, it is recommended to check with the state or local police in order to obtain all the information necessary for the child’s travel abroad. For children under 15, it is also recommended to check with the competent Authorities to verify the possibility of using a birth certificate bearing a photograph that has been authenticated for foreign travel by the state or local police.

In fact, this document’s acceptance by the local authorities will depend upon the regulations in force in the countries visited by the ship throughout the selected itinerary (for example, this certificate is not valid in Egypt, Morocco, Gibraltar, and Iceland).




Under U.S. Law and in accordance with an International Agreement between the European Union and the United States, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will receive certain travel and reservation information (known as PNR - Passenger Name Record) concerning passengers flying between the European Union and the United States. The DHS has undertaken to use this information primarily for the purposes of preventing and combating terrorism and other serious transnational crimes. This and other information may also be used to check whether passengers are present on the lists of people raising aviation security concerns. The PNR data will be kept for at least three years and six months and may be shared with other Authorities. More information regarding these arrangements, including the measures taken to safeguard your personal data, can be obtained from your airline or travel agent, or at the website www.costacruise.com. Based on a mandatory procedure implemented on 6 September 2010, the U.S. authorities require the following data to be provided when booking a cruise involving flights to the United States (or returnonly) in order to have the airline tickets booked/issued: name and surname, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number, date and place of issue, and expiry. Failure to provide this information could result in serious travel complications in terms of delayed the issuance of a new ticket in the case of missed boarding), as well as the U.S.

Authorities’ refusal to allow the passenger to board. We therefore recommend that you communicate this information to your Travel Agent when booking your cruise.

Costa Crociere shall bear no responsibility for the Guests’ failure to comply with the requirements listed above, or for any consequent objections raised by the Guests themselves.

More information about the TSA Secure Flight Program can be found at the website www.tsa.gov




For the security of all Guests, the on-board Security staff will check all people and baggage during the embarkation and disembarkation procedures at all ports of call. These checks are carried out using X-ray machines and metal detectors. Please cooperate with our personnel in order to render this procedure as smooth and efficient as possible. The baggage to be delivered to the cabins is checked upon embarkation. It should be noted that it is prohibited to bring the items listed in the “Baggage” section on-board the ship. We remind you that you are not permitted to bring the following items on board: arms and munitions, explosives, fireworks and flares, compressed or liquefied gases (flammable, non-flammable, refrigerants, irritants and toxic gases) such as camping gases, flare launchers, starter pistols, infectious or toxic substances, corrosive substances, radioactive substances, objects that could be used as weapons, and live goods or animals. Guests should therefore avoid purchasing antique weapons, knives,daggers, swords or similar objects during onshore excursions. If any of these items are found in your possession, you will be asked to leave them behind onshore by the ship’s Security staff. It should also be noted that, in keeping with the health and safety standards adopted by Costa Crociere for its Guests, it is forbidden to bring any type of food or liquid on-board, whether contained in your hand baggage or cabin baggage. The only exceptions include toiletries (e.g. shampoo, bath foam, creams, etc.), medicines, products or food items made specifically for babies, and products or food items for certified special diets.

This ban also includes any food or drinks purchased during stopovers at ports of call. Any typical local products purchased on stopovers will be held in store on-board the ship and returned to the Guests at the end of the cruise.

Special restrictions for Maldives

Please be informed that following goods are banned from Maldives: narcotics and psychotropic substances, pornographic material (sex toys, books, magazines, films, videos, DVDs and software), religious materials offensive to Islam, pork & food items made with pork, idols for worship, swords, daggers, alcoholic products, casino coins, animal parts (elephant tusk, turtle shell etc).

Those who brings narcotics will be imprisoned. Narcotics and all the other prohibited items will be confiscated by Local Authorities and Costa will not be able to assist Guests to recover the confiscated items.

Special restrictions for Thailand

We would like to remind you that bringing electronic cigarettes into the country is strictly prohibited: under local laws, offenders may be fined, or in more serious cases, arrested.




Once you have boarded the ship, we kindly ask that you familiarise yourself with the ship’s safety procedures by reading the information on the back of your cabin door. We also recommend that you take a few minutes to watch the safety video that will be on the screen when you first enter your cabin, and that you take a look at the on-board daily program, titled “programma del giorno”, to find out when the emergency drill will be held. Prior to departure, you will be required to take part in a training session, which primarily serves to familiarise you with the route to be followed in order to reach your muster station. This procedure is quite simple, as our staff will be positioned in the corridors to help you find it, and the exact route is indicated on a sign on the back of your cabin door. You should wear suitable clothes for the drill (bearing in mind that it finishes outdoors), and remember that you should wear your life jacket when taking part. Once you reach your muster station, you will be shown the procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency, in order to familiarise yourself with them. Costa Crociere’s greatest priority has always been the safety of its Guests and crew. All crew members have a BST (Basic Safety Training) certificate issued by a recognised international training centre, and are also required to take part in an intense training program in order to familiarize themselves with the ship, with further training also being provided for the entire duration of their time on-board. Depending on their various roles, the staff also receive other types of special training. For example, the fire fighting team is regularly sent to onshore training centres in order to take part in exercises involving simulated fires, which they have to handle using the techniques and methods they have been taught by qualified instructors belonging to professional Italian and foreign fire fighting teams, who regularly assist us with these types of training activities.




Special dietary requirements

Such requirements can be accommodated if requested and arranged at the time of booking. Guests can freely indicate their special dietary needs, including hypoglycemic diets for diabetics, gluten-free diets, or diets for other types of allergies/intolerances. Special dietary needs can only be safely managed at the Main Restaurant. In order to ensure that the service operates efficiently, Guests are kindly asked to reconfirm their requirements with the Customer Service Office upon boarding. If the Guests are bringing their required dietary items with them from home, the on-board Maître D’ must be immediately notified upon boarding, so that the necessary meal preparation arrangements can be made. At bars and cafés a 15% service charge will be added to each bill.


Vegan Menus

A full range of exclusively vegan menus is available to Guests who make their request known when booking their cruise. There’s a wide choice of vegan dishes in the main restaurants, from antipasti to desserts, so you can be sure that mealtimes will be just as delicious as the rest of your cruise. After boarding, please let the Guest Services Office and the restaurant managers know that you requested vegan meals when you booked. A 15% service charge will be added to accounts in the bars and cafés on board.




The Costa Card

Your personal Costa Card will be provided directly in your cabin, and can be used to make purchases at the on-board shops, as well as to pay for any extra services requested on-board. Each purchase will be automatically added to your cabin account, thus eliminating the need to carry cash with you for your daily purchases. Guests who do not register their credit cards to cover their Costa Card expenses within 48 hours of embarkation will be asked to provide a deposit.

The initial minimum deposit will be 150 EUR or USD per person (depending on the currency used on-board), to be paid in cash. The initial amount will have to be supplemented with additional payments during the cruise whenever the extra charges incurred onboard have exceeded the advance payments made up until that point.

The Costa Card will be temporarily suspended within the first 48 hours following embarkation if the Guest should fail to register their credit card (or pay the deposit), or if they have made purchases in excess of 200 EUR/USD without having registered their credit card or paid the deposit in cash. The card will also be temporarily suspended during the cruise whenever the deposits already paid no longer cover the total amount of the charges incurred.

Credit card payments

The fastest, easiest and most convenient way to make the most of your holiday is to register your credit card on-board. This can be done within 48 hours of embarkation using the automatic devices on-board the ship or at the Customer Service Office. Your credit card’s availability will be verified every day by requesting authorisation via the credit card circuits. Your final bill will be delivered to your cabin at the end of the cruise and, unless otherwise agreed, the charges will be automatically debited from your credit card. The following credit cards are accepted on-board: American Express, VISA and MasterCard. Debit cards, prepaid cards, and rechargeable cards, including VISA Electron, Postpay, Bancomat, Postamat, and Cirrus Maestro cards, will not be accepted. It is recommended to contact your bank and verify your card’s type and usage methods prior to departure.

Cash payment

Your final bill will be delivered to your cabin at the end of the cruise: in the case of cash payments, the bill can be paid directly, or else a cash reimbursement can be obtained (if there is residual credit) from the dedicated office indicated in the “programma del giorno” program.


Will be processed in cash up to the amounts permitted by the current Italian regulations, or else via wire transfer for amounts exceeding these limits.

Personal cheques

Only cheques issued by Italian banks with branches located in Italy are accepted. For the sole payment of onboard expenses at the end of the cruise, the maximum value for each cheque is 2,500 euros, subject to authorisation by the Centax electronic cheque guarantee system.

Foreign currencies

Its should be noted that the Euro is the legal currency aboard our ships, with the exception of Caribbean cruises departing from ports in the United States, South American cruises, spring transatlantic cruises departing from South America, and cruises departing from ports in Asia and the Far East, in which case the U.S. Dollar is the legal currency aboard. Cash can be exchanged on-board the ship at the Currency Exchange Desk, at the Customer Service Office. This desk is open at the times indicated in the “programma del giorno” program. Since the Currency Exchange desk does not provide cash advances via credit card, it is recommended to bring sufficient local currency for the stops at the ports of call.

Hotel Service Charges

A daily Hotel Service Charge is due by the passenger for all the hotel services provided on-board. You can pre-pay by our Contact Centre or it will be requested at the end of the cruise. All the bookings after the 17/12/2019 may have the Hotel Services Charges excluded of the prices, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions, available on our website, for all the details.



Smoking ban

Costa Crociere has implemented a smoking ban on-board its ships. Smoking cigarettes, cigars and pipes is not permitted in any of the public areas on-board, except in the “Cigar Lounge” areas. Electronic cigarettes may only be used in the cabins and in the “Cigar Lounge” areas. In outdoor public areas, smoking is only permitted in specially designated areas where ashtrays are present. It should also be noted that smoking is not permitted inside the cabins, but only outside on the private balconies. In order to avoid the risk of fire, cigarettes must be extinguished and left in the ashtrays provided, and must never be thrown overboard while still lit. It should also be noted that there are no indoor public smoking areas on-board the following ships: Costa Mediterranea, Costa neoClassica, Costa Atlantica and Costa Victoria. For more information regarding the smoking bans in force on the individual ships, please visit the website www.costacruise.com or call the number +39 010 4206099.

Taxes in the United States

When the ships are moored at ports in the United States, 20% will be added to the value of the beverages consumed on-board.




Mobile phones

Thanks to agreements established with various commercial partners, the entire Costa fleet offers mobile satellite coverage, thus allowing the clients of most major service providers to send and receive calls and text messages, as well as to use mobile data services, even at sea. The international roaming option must be enabled on the device in use. The rates are determined by the specific service provider. Mobile phones may connect to a terrestrial provider’s network when the ship is sailing near the coast.

Satellite link

Guests can make phone calls from their cabins using the satellite phone provided. It is also possible to send and receive faxes. Contact the Customer Service Office for more details. For telephone and fax communications from shore to ship, the caller must dial the appropriate satellite prefix followed by the ship’s satellite number. Shore callers in other countries must contact their relative service providers for more information. Note: In order to avoid wasting time trying to track down the Guest you wish to speak to, it is recommended to send a fax before calling with the details of when you wish to call.

For all the latest updates, please call +39 010 4206099.

The Hotel Service Charge

For all cruises and all fare types, the Hotel Service Charge, a lump sum depending on the number of nights actually spent on board, will be billed to you daily and will be automatically deducted from your cabin charges like all other expenses. Here are the lump sums presented per ship, according to the destination and the currency applicable on board.

The amounts shown in the table relate to service quotas for passengers over 15 years of age, children under 4 years of age do not pay, while children between 4 and 14 years of age pay 50 % of the amounts shown below.
For Far East Cruises on NeoRomantica the amounts shown in the table relate to service quotas for passengers over 13 years of age, children under 4 years of age do not pay, and between 4 and 12 years of age pay 50 % of the amounts shown below.

The Hotel Service Charge are an integral part of the cruise price and its amount cannot be modified. It is MANDATORY to refer to the departure date of your cruise in the table below in order to obtain the information concerning the Onboard Fees applicable to your departure.

These amounts have been calculated at the time of publication of the brochure and are subject to change. Please contact our Cruise Experts at +47 23 02 46 97.



CRUISE ( departure date)



Departures till April 30, 2022

10 Euro


Departures from May 1, 2022

11 Euro


Departures till April 30, 2022

10 Euro


Departures from May 1, 2022

11 Euro


Departures till April 30, 2022

10 Euro


Departures from May 1, 2022

11 Euro


Departures till April 30, 2022

10 Euro


Departures from May 1, 2022

11 Euro


Departures till April 30, 2022

10 Euro


Departures from May 1, 2022

11 Euro


Departures till April 30, 2022

10 Euro


Departures from May 1, 2022

11 Euro


Departures till April 30, 2022

10 Euro


Departures from May 1, 2022

11 Euro


Departures till April 30, 2022

10 Euro


Departures from May 1, 2022

11 Euro


Departures till April 30, 2022

10 Euro


Departures from May 1, 2022

11 Euro